Radiant Way Montessori School


The first few years in your child's life are crucial to the development of individual personality and intellect. This is a period during which learning takes place at an accelerated speed. At the Radiant Way Montessori School, we provide a sense of security and loving care that toddlers need to thrive during this stage of intense learning.  Since toddlers are especially bent on achieving independence, our teachers provide responsive, individual attention as your child deals with positive experiences as well as natural frustration. 

Our Toddler Program is a special place for our young children where they enjoy a blend of Montessori materials and early childhood toys.  This is a stimulating nurturing environment for play and learning.  Dance, drama, music and movement, arts and crafts, painting, story-telling, and outdoor play and gardening activities are all part of our toddler program.

We offer full days, half days (morning or afternoon), and odd days (part time) program based on space availability.   Extended hours available.

In order to avoid any disappointment, we recommended you to contact us and register your child as soon as possible.

Toddler Program

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Age Group =  16 months  to  3 years

Licensed Capacity =  10

Teacher Student Ratio =  1 : 5

Existing No. of Teachers =  2 + 1

Registration Capacity =  Please inquire !