Radiant Way Montessori School


It is said that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Our parent testimonials are the best tribute we can get for all our hard work and dedication.  We have listed some of these below and welcome you to click on each and follow-up as required.


  1. Brock and Jillian - two twins

    We first noticed Radiant Way Montessori because of the big, beautiful school yard and cheerful mural painted on the garage door. When our twins were still babies, we attended an Open House and were impressed by the enthusiasm of Ms Anahita, the Director, and her staff. We also loved the cheerful atmosphere inside the school. After an exhaustive search of childcare options it was clear that Radiant Way Montessori was by far our best choice and we have never looked back. Our sons started when they were 2 years old and since then have benefited from their Montessori education in so many ways. They also enjoy field trips, learning about language, science and music and special celebrations that are held throughout the year. At Radiant Way, children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and are very much treated as individuals, something that is so important to our twins! This year they will be graduating from Radiant Way Montessori and going to grade one in the fall! We strongly recommend this school to any parents looking for this type of opportunity for their children. Radiant Way Montessori is safe, clean and provides our children with a fun and stimulating place to learn. Brock and Jillian Kingston

  2. Mehta Family ... daughter registered in March 2011

    From the day we walked in on an Open House at Radiant Way Montessori School, we knew this was the best place for our 18-month-old only princess. The principal Ms. Anahita made us feel very comfortable and gave us a tour of the school and a detailed description of all the activities and Montessori way of education which was totally new to us. We were quite impressed and after meeting with the teachers – who are highly qualified and experienced, we felt that our daughter can’t have a better place to start her life of education and fun outside our protective cocoon. She was made comfortable from the first day, loves her teachers and looks forward to going to school everyday. To our delightful surprise and pride we see our little bundle of joy’s progress grow with leaps & bounds. She is not only showing highly educative skills much above her age from children in our known friends & family groups but has learnt high cultural values & manners for which I give total credit to the education & support shown by the wonderful teachers at Radiant Way Montessori School. We all want to impart our cultural values and social skills to our children and with Radiant Way on our side, our job at home has been made very easy. Our daughter is three now and still shining and growing with Radiant Way. We would definitely recommend every parent to give their children a chance to shine with the shining stars of Radiant Way Montessori. Proud Parents, Mehta Family

  3. Jenny and Harry and grandma Ke Shen ... daughter registered in June 2009

    Sarah was first enrolled at Radiant Way Montessori in June 2009 when she was 3. Sarah just came to Canada from Shanghai and she had no idea how to correctly express herself in English. Ms. Anahita accepted her without doubt and took very good care of her. Ms. Anahita and Ms. Lorna have been very patient, persistent and passionate to teach Sarah nice English, encourage her to be independent, learn new things, and help her to help herself. Sarah has been with Radiant Way for 3 years and will graduate this summer. She is now confident, helpful, open-minded, and able to speak English well, read simple stories and start writing simple sentences. We have witnessed her great achievements that could never been done without the efforts of Radiant Way! Please accept my true thankfulness. Yours sincerely, Jenny Zhu (mom), Harry Zhang (dad), and Ke Shen (grandma) :D March 2012

  4. Noorie and Riyadh ... son registered in September 2011

    Radiant Way is my son's home away from home. Coming from a day care environment my son had a lot to catch up to his peers who started off at Montessori and I was skeptical at first with the structured learning but I'm so happy with the outcome. In fact, I am speechless at how much he is able to grasp considering he is part time and has some limitations. I have to credit the dedication and passion of the staff at Radiant way for believing in him and spending so much one on one time with my son so he could reach his potential. I recently found out that he knows the provinces of Ontario - I couldn't have taught him that if I kept him home or sent him to day care, and I know for sure the public school system doesn't teach them the provinces this early in their learning. Overall, a great school with dedicated teachers who strive to help children under their care reach their potential. Noorie and Riyadh March 2012

  5. Lydia and Raymond ... daughter registered in September 2010

    We had originally enrolled Audrey at a different Montessori, and after a couple of months we found Radiant Way Montessori as the other school was not a great fit. When I walked through the doors I immediately knew that this school would be best place for Audrey. Audrey has been with Radiant Way for the past year and a half and I cannot say enough how much she has developed and learned. The teachers are wonderful, supportive, and very very accommodating and you feel like family because you know they truly care about each and every child like their own. Audrey is now 3.5 years old and is way ahead of the game, and I 100% believe it is because of the way she is taught and the superior materials that are being used. Every day I am surprised by the new things she has learned, and I know without a doubt she has been given the tools that will give her an advantage going forward. I believe as parents we all want our children to have an advantage, and at Radiant Way they get this. I can't say enough how amazing the teachers are and I am grateful every day that they have shaped the life of my child and given her the tools to move forward with confidence. Sending her to Radiant Way was the best decision we could have made for our family. Lydia Kim and Raymond Kao March 2012

  6. Andrew and Carol Chan ...

    older son registered in September 2007 graduated June 2009 younger son registered in September 2009 Based on a recommendation from the principal of another Montessori school, we decided to send our very shy older son to Radiant Way as soon as the new school opened in September 2007. As we watched our son blossom from a shy little toddler to an outgoing and confident little boy through the attentive care and encouragement of the teachers at Radiant Way, we knew that we had made the right decision. When it was time for me to return to work after our second child, there was no question of who we wanted to take care of him during the day. Radiant Way welcomed our little guy and showered him with so much love and attention, he is sometimes reluctant to leave. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to leave our child somewhere where we have the peace of mind knowing that they will be happy and well cared for. Seeing the time and the patience that each teacher at Radiant Way takes to show my boys everything from how to be gracious and courteous to learning the colors and numbers to how to appreciate the little things of nature, leaves us knowing that the staff at Radiant Way will help our boys to understand that there is a whole world out there for them to explore! Thank you for always being there for us. Andrew and Carol Chan August 2010

  7. Shweta and Saurabh Singhal ... son registered in July 2008

    We enrolled Atiksh in Toddler program in July 2008. We chose Radiant Way as the first school for our 16 month old son Atiksh because of two reasons. First, the warmth we felt from Ms. Anahita when we first visited the school and second, we found this place to be super clean. Atiksh enjoys going to school and is a thriving, happy child who loves to learn. Radiant Way provides a nurturing yet a challenging environment and its educational approach is learning by doing. Radiant Way is like a second home for Atiksh. He has gained confidence and is becoming independent and responsible which is so crucial for his development. Ms. Anahita helped us become acquainted with the Montessori materials used in the classroom. The materials we saw are elegant and simple, and, when we thought about it, the purpose of each made sense. Radiant Way always has dedicated teachers who are committed to knowing children as individuals. We are so impressed that Atiksh is learning things at 3.5 years old that most children are not introduced at this age. Thank you, Radiant Way Montessori School, for your love for my child. You truly give him a wonderful early childhood, which I believe will benefit him his whole life. Shweta Singhal August 2010

  8. Monica and Sean ... first son registered in September 2007, second son in April 2009

    Dear Anahita, It has been almost two years since we first started at Radiant Way Montessori. We made the decision to place Noah in your care hoping that we had chosen a good school for our little boy. Not a day goes by that I am so grateful that we made that decision. Noah has become a gracious, charming, curious, self confident, contentious, compassionate, inquisitive and all round wonderful young boy. I know that the Montessori methods have had a tremendous impact on his learning and his unquenchable thirst to learn more and your caring environment and amazing staff has made it a safe place both physically and emotionally to grow and develop. When Matthew was old enough for Radiant Way it was with no hesitation that we decided to have him attend also and in the few months he’s been there we’ve seen such a wonderful development in Matthew also. We look forward to many more years with Radiant Way Montessori. Monica and Sean Dawson June 2009

  9. Cindy and Dan Mah ... son registered in March 2008

    Our son started in the Toddler program when he was just 20 months old. The teachers at Radiant Way truly went above and beyond what any other place would do to help transition our son into an entirely different lifestyle than what he was used to. They held him so he could nap, they bought special food for him when he would not eat and the list goes on! It took 5 long weeks for our son to settle into school life and now that he has, we have noticed a huge difference in his personality. He is a much happier, confident and independent child. He is doing and learning things I didn’t think would be possible for a 2 year old! I had visited other Montessori schools and daycare centres but nothing compared to Radiant Way. I never thought I could feel comfortable leaving my child with anyone other than family but Radiant Way has proven me wrong - they really are a “home away from home”! Cindy and Dan Mah May 2008

  10. Shari and Paul Brannen... son registered in July 2008

    My son has been a student at Radiant Way Montessori for the past 4 years. He began as a toddler at 2, and is now entering his graduating year in Casa at the age of 5. My son is excited each and every day to go to school. Radiant Way is a clean, safe, nurturing environment where my son is encouraged to explore and learn. The staff are extremely caring and always hands-on. Thank you Radiant Way for all you've done to help, teach and encourage my son through these very important early years of life. Shari Brannen August 2010

  11. Ganesh and Sasi ... son registered in September 2008

    Our son, Harishan, started attending the Radiant Way Montessori just before he turned 3. He has blossomed into a happy, smart, confident and caring person. We are impressed with the broad range of skills and ideas he has been taught and with the kindness and knowledge of the teachers. When Harishan started the school he only had a limited vocabulary. Now he is exploding into language which is easy to understand and he is putting sentences together on his own, writing words, counting numbers, and much more. Every day he enthusiastically tells/shows us about something new that he has learned and he has really started to open up and be more social with other kids and adults. Harishan absolutely loves going to school and being with his friends. We are grateful for Ms. Anahita, Ms. Saira and Ms. Maria for their caring, dedication, kindness, patience, and creativity. When we drop Harishan off for school, he is excited to see his friends and teachers and that gives us a great sense of peace. Harishan will be going into Kindergarten with a great wealth of knowledge and skills that he acquired through the fun songs and various activities at Radiant Way. Ganesh and Sasi March 2009

  12. Ivano and Dawn Costa ... son registered in November 2007

    Radiant Way Montessori has returned my faith in the Montessori method of teaching. There are so many schools today that use the Montessori name but very few that can live up to its quality of teaching. I am so thankful that I found this school, it has ignited a light in my 4 year old son's spirit to learn again. He came from a much larger preschool that was too overwhelming for him. Since he began attending the Radiant Way Casa program, not only did I notice a change in his speech, reading and writing skills for the better, but also my friends and family around us as well. I look forward to picking my son up from school because now I know that when that door opens he always greets me with a smile, a goofy laugh and an excitement about the wonderful adventures that he has learned that day. Apparently, today he met an arctic fox, in the Arctic of course! A Special thank you goes out to the wonderful teaching staff for sharing their passion and love of teaching with each and every child. Ivano and Dawn Costa January 2008

  13. Kim and Sam Uppal ... both daughter and son registered in September 2007

    We are very happy to have both our children attending Radiant Way Montessori School this year. Our 2½ year old son’s speech and confidence has exploded. We also can’t get over what our nearly 5 year old daughter is learning – sums, sewing and making words to name a few things. The best part is the piece of mind that when we drop them off in the morning they will be happy, well looked after, well-fed, and learn a lot while they are there. You can’t put a price on that. Kim and Sam Uppal December 2007

  14. Jim and Maria Getsos ... son registered in September 2007

    Ms. Anahita, We would like to thank you and your caring staff for all that they have done with our son Anthony. He has learned so much, and we are so pleased with his progress. Since beginning in September, he has shown a tremendous improvement in his vocabulary, and in his ability to interact with others. Your facility is excellent, and we feel it provides a wonderful, safe, and diverse environment for learning and exploring. Anthony looks forward to coming to school every day, and as parents, we could not have asked for anything more. In good health, Jim and Maria Getsos December 2007

  15. Sal and Rena Sassano ... son registered in November 2007

    To Ms Anahita and the wonderful staff at Radiant Way Montessori: Since we put our two year old Sammy in this school, we have noticed tremendous improvement in his behaviour, social skills and vocabulary. Our once very shy son is now outgoing and confident. He loves going to school and comes home with something new learned everyday. Ms Anahita is very caring and kind, treating every child as if her own. We could not have been happier! We would highly recommend this school to anyone who would want their kids in a fun, safe and loving learning environment. Thank you for everything you have done for our son. Sal and Rena Sassano January 2008

  16. Dolores and Pat Trentadue ... son registered in September 2007

    Great staff and Principal. The best choice I could have made for my son. I already see a wonderful improvement in his speech and children interaction. Dolores and Pat Trentadue December 2007

  17. Brad and Nadia Shimbashi ... son registered in November 2007

    Ms. Anahita, I just want to say that my son, Aidan, since starting with Radiant Way Montessori has become a little man already! He loves it and as parents we feel that we have made the right decision about sending him to a day care and the right one! Thank you. Happy Parents! Brad and Nadia January 2008

  18. Allen and Carolyn Goodland ... both sons registered in September 2003

    You can find many schools with the name "Montessori" in them, but how many actually teach the method? How many actually have genuine Montessori material and techniques? How much time is spent teaching the Montessori method? At The Radiant Way Montessori, you can actually see the genuine Montessori material that the children use, not to mention the techniques taught by Ms. Anahita and Ms. Saira. Ms. Anahita was taught and trained by the best, and therefore went on to teach and train the best Montessori techniques to many other teachers. She has also been invited as a keynote speaker on several occasions to teach existing Montessori teachers certain techniques used in the classroom. Her accreditations go on, as she has two children herself who are in high school. I wanted my children taught by someone who understood their needs by experiencing them first-hand through raising children of their own. The Montessori method allows children to enjoy a wide variety of activities, like sewing buttons and other things that promote fine motor skill development. The children are not confined to one thing. They are free to choose what they would like to use, and gently guided to the areas that they don’t want to use. My boys, Eric and Kyle, began attending The Radiant Way Montessori at 18 months and 2½ years of age. Eric graduated in June of 2006 and Kyle will graduate in June 2007, when he turns 6 years old. Eric spent 3½ years and Kyle has spent 4½ years with Ms. Anahita and Ms. Saira. Both of the boys have learned many life skills and created lasting friendships with their classmates, whom we still keep in touch with today! If you want your child in a loving, nurturing, independent environment, The Radiant Way Montessori is the right place for you!! Allen and Carolyn Goodland August 2006

  19. Bhawna and Munish Trehan ... son registered in September 2003 and daughter in 2005

    Radiant Way Montessori was the first step for our kids. I still remember the first day we went to school, the décor and those little chairs for toddlers, made me fall in love with the place. Our son was three when he started Montessori. The concepts are very practical and can be applied in day to day life. After looking at his growth intellectually we firmly believed in the principals of Montessori teachings and decided to send our little daughter who was eighteen months. She is three now and is very independent in every way. We as parents want the very best for our kids and in Radiant Way Montessori we found the best environment and loving Ms Anahita along with Uncle Behram and little teachers Natasha and Naomi. We wish all of them success and good luck. Warm regards Bhawna & Munish August 2006

  20. Ani and Anju Thomas ... son registered in September 2003

    "Ms. Anahita’s school"… That’s what my son, Kevin, used to say when he was in Radiant Way Montessori. I still don’t believe how the three years went past by from 2003-2006. My son was the tiniest one among the rest, and he couldn’t speak English well, just a few words here and there, but he could understand when somebody spoke to him. After being with Ms. Anahita, he just bloomed so wonderfully. The way the subjects are taught is just amazing, that’s what amazed me a lot. Each subject has a way of teaching, first a proper foundation is set in teaching, once the child gets the basic foundation, they will always remember that and use it when they are studying that particular subject. The extracurricular activities and the outdoor trips were also interesting. Kevin enjoyed that a lot and learned a lot, and he learned the art of mingling with kids and the art of behaving. What I liked about Radiant Way Montessori was, the importance of behaviour, and Ms. Anahita made it clear to each child how they should behave and of course the systematic way of doing their work and each and every other activity. Kevin spent three golden years at Radiant Way Montessori. The end result what I got about him is excellent, because when Kevin joined he was just no where, and the credit goes to Ms. Anahita and uncle Behram and their kids (I used the terms my son used). Ani & Anju Thomas August 2006

  21. Lauri and Estelle Kaitila ... daughter registered in September 2003

    Dear Ms. Anahita, Thank you for believing in the bright hope of every child and for believing every child can learn if given the chance. Words cannot express our gratitude for all that you and Radiant Way Montessori have done for Emily Anne. All that you have instilled in her these past two years will last for a lifetime. You have certainly touched her in the most significant way and we are so grateful. Without a doubt, I know that you will certainly continue to touch many lives and the future children that will come your way can only be blessed!! We are proud of you for choosing this noble profession and for setting such high standards. As parents, we know the value of having you in Emily Anne’s life. As a child, Emily will carry you and your teachings with her forever. Her life has become so enriched because of you!! You have proven to us many times over what a "Wonderful Teacher" you are. Your follow-ups and phone calls were always welcomed and we rest assured that you will always be in touch with us and will always be interested in Emily Anne’s growth and success. Because of your dedication and consistent focus, you will have much success!! Thank you once again for all of your kindness. May God bless you with all that you so richly deserve!! Lauri and Estelle Kaitila September 2005