Radiant Way Montessori School




Radiant Way Montessori was founded in 2003 by Ms Anahita.  With a keen love and respect for children, she started her teaching career as a Montessori teacher with a strong belief that early childhood education is a critical stage of development in a child’s life.  The original school was operated out of a relatively smaller facility in the Greater Toronto Area. The quest for a larger location was successful when, in February 2004, a beautiful property was acquired on a 1 acre lot in Markham.  After a long period of waiting, the property was zoned for school use.  After that it was a matter of time to receive building permits and begin renovations for the new school.  Thus, after 3 years of hard work and anticipation, the Radiant Way Montessori School opened its new improved facility in September 2007 to serve its community and neighborhood.

At a glance

About Us

  1. Licensed child care facility

  2. From  7:30 am  to  5:30 pm

  3. Hot lunch catered

  4. Huge fenced playground