Radiant Way Montessori School



In keeping with the Montessori goals of giving only the best in education and experience we believe that only the best in nutrition should be offered to your child.  Children can learn to enjoy healthy food if they are introduced to it during their early years. 

At the Radiant Way Montessori School we offer a HOT LUNCH program.  The children are provided hot and nutritious lunch each day.  The weekly menu incorporates a vast array of food items that are dietician approved and prepared in accordance with the Canada Food Guide.  Individual diets are accommodated. 

Menus are posted on our web site well in advance.  Furthermore, the current menu shall always be posted on our bulletin board, and parents will be notified of any change in the menu.  All our lunches are nut free. Should your child develop an allergy or food sensitivity throughout the year, please let us know. 

A mid-morning and afternoon snack is provided.  If you would like to contribute to our snacks, you are invited to sign the monthly refreshment calendar.  We welcome and appreciate your contribution of fresh fruits and vegetables.  However, please remember that the Radiant Way Montessori School is a NUT FREE environment.

Nap Time

After lunch, there is an opportunity for the children to nap or rest.  Cots, mats and sheets are provided for any child who needs to rest.  We request the parents to send a blanket from home so the children may nap with comfort.  The blankets shall be sent home every weekend for laundry.

The toddlers nap for 2 hours.  The younger casa children are encouraged to nap for 45 minutes.  Well rested children enjoy a pleasant dinner time and evening at home. 

Children who do not sleep may be taken to the playground or engaged in quiet activities in the classroom.

Children’s Nourishment

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