Radiant Way Montessori School


The beginning of a new school year is a very exciting time for you and your child.   Being away from each other, maybe for the first time, meeting new people, buying new clothes, and starting a new routine can be exciting for some and a cause of anxiety for others.

A day or so before your child’s first day at school, talk about going to school without elaborating on the activities your child may or may not be doing.  This is so your chid does not develop inaccurate expectations.

On the first day of school, we ask that you bring your child to the classroom door, introduce yourself and your child to the teacher greeting you, and leave, always letting your child know that you are doing so.  If you feel hesitant or anxious about leaving, please be assured that our total aim is to make your child feel welcome, happy and self confident in the Montessori environment.  The less anxiety you express to your child, the better.  Rest assured, the teachers are well trained and well experienced with attending to the care and needs of new children.

Leaving the School Property

Once students have arrived at school, they are not allowed to leave the property without permission.

Any unknown or unauthorized persons appearing at the school requesting to take a student out of the school will not be permitted to do so without advanced consent (verbal or written) of the parent or the legal guardian.

First Day at School

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