Radiant Way Montessori School


Children’s clothing should be practical and comfortable.  To encourage independence, please send your children to school in clothes they can manage themselves.  We are trying to raise self-reliant children. 

Younger children should wear simple elastic waist pants. Overalls, belts and fasteners merely frustrate the children when they have to go to the washroom and often cause unnecessary accidents.  When buying footwear for your child, please purchase a style which enables him or her to manage it independently.  Please avoid shoes with laces.

Winter time

Children will be going outside daily.  They need to be dressed warmly for cold weather.  In winter, please dress your child in layered clothing.  Warm jackets, snow pants, hat, mittens are all part of winter attire. 

Extra clothing

The children are requested to have a full set of extra clothing (underwear, socks, track pants and T-shirt) at school in case of spills, accidents and inclement weather.  Please make it a point to label your child’s clothing.  They will be kept in a bag at school.  Parents are able to monitor the contents of the bag whenever they wish.  If clothes are sent home soiled, please send a new set of clothing the next day.

Indoor shoes

All children must have a pair of indoor shoes that stay at school.  These must be non-skid running shoes or slip-on shoes. No open toe sandals or laces, please.

Children’s Clothing and Shoes

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