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It is said that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Our parent testimonials are the best tribute we can get for all our hard work and dedication. 


Ani and Anju Thomas ... son registered in September 2003

"Ms. Anahita’s school"… That’s what my son, Kevin, used to say when he was in Radiant Way Montessori. I still don’t believe how the three years went past by from 2003-2006. My son was the tiniest one among the rest, and he couldn’t speak English well, just a few words here and there, but he could understand when somebody spoke to him. After being with Ms. Anahita, he just bloomed so wonderfully.

The way the subjects are taught is just amazing, that’s what amazed me a lot. Each subject has a way of teaching, first a proper foundation is set in teaching, once the child gets the basic foundation, they will always remember that and use it when they are studying that particular subject.

The extracurricular activities and the outdoor trips were also interesting. Kevin enjoyed that a lot and learned a lot, and he learned the art of mingling with kids and the art of behaving. What I liked about Radiant Way Montessori was, the importance of behaviour, and Ms. Anahita made it clear to each child how they should behave and of course the systematic way of doing their work and each and every other activity.

Kevin spent three golden years at Radiant Way Montessori. The end result what I got about him is excellent, because when Kevin joined he was just no where, and the credit goes to Ms. Anahita and uncle Behram and their kids (I used the terms my son used).

Ani & Anju Thomas
August 2006

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