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It is said that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Our parent testimonials are the best tribute we can get for all our hard work and dedication. 


Noorie and Riyadh ... son registered in September 2011

Radiant Way is my son's home away from home. Coming from a day care environment my son had a lot to catch up to his peers who started off at Montessori and I was skeptical at first with the structured learning but I'm so happy with the outcome. In fact, I am speechless at how much he is able to grasp considering he is part time and has some limitations. I have to credit the dedication and passion of the staff at Radiant way for believing in him and spending so much one on one time with my son so he could reach his potential. I recently found out that he knows the provinces of Ontario - I couldn't have taught him that if I kept him home or sent him to day care, and I know for sure the public school system doesn't teach them the provinces this early in their learning. Overall, a great school with dedicated teachers who strive to help children under their care reach their potential.

Noorie and Riyadh
March 2012

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