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It is said that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Our parent testimonials are the best tribute we can get for all our hard work and dedication. 


Lauri and Estelle Kaitila ... daughter registered in September 2003

Dear Ms. Anahita,

Thank you for believing in the bright hope of every child and for believing every child can learn if given the chance. Words cannot express our gratitude for all that you and Radiant Way Montessori have done for Emily Anne. All that you have instilled in her these past two years will last for a lifetime. You have certainly touched her in the most significant way and we are so grateful. Without a doubt, I know that you will certainly continue to touch many lives and the future children that will come your way can only be blessed!!

We are proud of you for choosing this noble profession and for setting such high standards. As parents, we know the value of having you in Emily Anne’s life. As a child, Emily will carry you and your teachings with her forever. Her life has become so enriched because of you!! You have proven to us many times over what a "Wonderful Teacher" you are. Your follow-ups and phone calls were always welcomed and we rest assured that you will always be in touch with us and will always be interested in Emily Anne’s growth and success. Because of your dedication and consistent focus, you will have much success!!

Thank you once again for all of your kindness. May God bless you with all that you so richly deserve!!

Lauri and Estelle Kaitila
September 2005

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