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It is said that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Our parent testimonials are the best tribute we can get for all our hard work and dedication. 


Allen and Carolyn Goodland ... both sons registered in September 2003

You can find many schools with the name "Montessori" in them, but how many actually teach the method? How many actually have genuine Montessori material and techniques? How much time is spent teaching the Montessori method? At The Radiant Way Montessori, you can actually see the genuine Montessori material that the children use, not to mention the techniques taught by Ms. Anahita and Ms. Saira.

Ms. Anahita was taught and trained by the best, and therefore went on to teach and train the best Montessori techniques to many other teachers. She has also been invited as a keynote speaker on several occasions to teach existing Montessori teachers certain techniques used in the classroom. Her accreditations go on, as she has two children herself who are in high school. I wanted my children taught by someone who understood their needs by experiencing them first-hand through raising children of their own.

The Montessori method allows children to enjoy a wide variety of activities, like sewing buttons and other things that promote fine motor skill development. The children are not confined to one thing. They are free to choose what they would like to use, and gently guided to the areas that they don’t want to use.

My boys, Eric and Kyle, began attending The Radiant Way Montessori at 18 months and 2½ years of age. Eric graduated in June of 2006 and Kyle will graduate in June 2007, when he turns 6 years old. Eric spent 3½ years and Kyle has spent 4½ years with Ms. Anahita and Ms. Saira. Both of the boys have learned many life skills and created lasting friendships with their classmates, whom we still keep in touch with today!

If you want your child in a loving, nurturing, independent environment, The Radiant Way Montessori is the right place for you!!

Allen and Carolyn Goodland
August 2006

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