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It is said that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Our parent testimonials are the best tribute we can get for all our hard work and dedication. 


Ganesh and Sasi ... son registered in September 2008

Our son, Harishan, started attending the Radiant Way Montessori just before he turned 3. He has blossomed into a happy, smart, confident and caring person.  We are impressed with the broad range of skills and ideas he has been taught and with the kindness and knowledge of the teachers. When Harishan started the school he only had a limited vocabulary. Now he is exploding into language which is easy to understand and he is putting sentences together on his own, writing words, counting numbers, and much more.  Every day he enthusiastically tells/shows us about something new that he has learned and he has really started to open up and be more social with other kids and adults.  Harishan absolutely loves going to school and being with his friends. 

We are grateful for Ms. Anahita, Ms. Saira and Ms. Maria for their caring, dedication, kindness, patience, and creativity.  When we drop Harishan off for school, he is excited to see his friends and teachers and that gives us a great sense of peace.  Harishan will be going into Kindergarten with a great wealth of knowledge and skills that he acquired through the fun songs and various activities at Radiant Way.

Ganesh and Sasi
March 2009

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