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It is said that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Our parent testimonials are the best tribute we can get for all our hard work and dedication. 


Ivano and Dawn Costa ... son registered in November 2007

Radiant Way Montessori has returned my faith in the Montessori method of teaching. There are so many schools today that use the Montessori name but very few that can live up to its quality of teaching.  I am so thankful that I found this school, it has ignited a light in my 4 year old son's spirit to learn again.  He came from a much larger preschool that was too overwhelming for him.  Since he began attending the Radiant Way Casa program, not only did I notice a change in his speech, reading and writing skills for the better, but also my friends and family around us as well.  I look forward to picking my son up from school because now I know that when that door opens he always greets me with a smile, a goofy laugh and an excitement about the wonderful adventures that he has learned that day.  Apparently, today he met an arctic fox, in the Arctic of course!  A Special thank you goes out to the wonderful teaching staff for sharing their passion and love of teaching with each and every child.

Ivano and Dawn Costa
January 2008

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